Coconut Networks

AS213316 & AS146992

Coconut Networks 🥥 is an educational and experimental network actively maintained by Coconut Networks Limited. We are operating two autonomous systems: AS213316 (RIPE) and AS146992 (APINC). Our PoPs (Points of Presence) are located in the following cities: HKG, TPE, NRT, SEA, TXL.

Peering Policy

We adopt an open peering policy. We prefer to peer with your networks through IXPs we have in common, while establishing tunnels (e.g. WireGuard) to get connected directly is also acceptable in most cases. You could expect us to peer with you using AS213316.

To peer with us, we expect the following:

  • You only send us RPKI valid prefixes;
  • You only send us traffic that is destined for the prefixes we announce to you.

IXPs (Internet Exchange Points)

IXPs available for peering:

  • Aperture-IX, HKG

NOC Contact

+44 7520633303

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